Tim Gasperak

Ice on Mt. Diablo

26 February 2011

Ice on Mt. Diablo

The bay area freezes up and we go for a look.

Posted in: Closer to Home, Landscape

Marshall, Barb and I took advantage of a rare hard freeze in the bay area to drive up to Mt. Diablo in the east bay. Occasionally — rarely — the 3800-foot high mountain sees snow, and we had been following the weather for the days leading up to our drive in hopes of experiencing it. We weren’t disappointed: the higher elevations were coated in a delicate, soft rime ice almost like hoar frost. The effect was accentuated by the fact that the vegetation was covered in ice, but the ground was green. It looked as if we were viewing portions of the mountain through infrared film.

Portrait of friends gasperak_20110226_190 Icy landscape on Mt. Diablo Icy trees on Mt. Diablo 2 Icy trees on Mt. Diablo 1

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